Woofs Welcome?

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Over the last few years it has become increasingly popular to travel with your four legged friend and with more and more hotels and restaurants providing a warm ‘Woofs Welcome’ to dogs, we explore whether there truly is recipe for success in being a ‘dog friendly’ venue.

Leading pet conscious travel companies such as Pet Pyjamas have made the act of travel with your
pooch into a luxury outing for man’s best friend. Their bespoke site boasts some of the country’s finest hotel brands as clients, offering increasingly diverse and lavish packages that not only suite your needs, but those of your pet as well.

So what defines a ‘dog friendly’ venue?
Putting a water bowl outside the front door and a few biscuits behind the bar simply no longer cuts it in the dog eat dog world of pet hospitality. Many hotels now go as far as offering bespoke concierge services for pets that include all the amenities and luxuries one would be expecting from their own stay. Packages for pets can include everything from their own beds and toys to individually crafted meals served in restaurants and private dog walkers as standard.

With the standard raising ever higher, where do you draw the line whilst still ensuring you get a piece of this increasingly lucrative market?
Offering a set dog package is a great start. Incorporating the basics such as a dog bed, treats, water bowls and poop bags can show you’re attentive focus on a guests’ furry friend, whilst additional touches such as maps of local walks and suggestions for dog friendly eateries nearby can truly propel your property in the eyes of prospective guests and make yours, a must visit destination for that next adventure away.

It is also worth considering the benefits of joining pet friendly sites, message boards and social channels to engage with likeminded owners and promote your property to a wider more specific target audience.

But what about our non-pet-loving guests? Won’t this turn them away?
It is a valid assumption and one that deters many businesses from actively welcoming the dog
friendly community into their property. However, whilst there is a benefit in keeping ‘dogs on a
leash’ so to speak, this can be easily achieved without having to sacrifice a growing revenue source.
Many hotels opt for a policy that dictates dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and with their
owners. Having separate dining spaces for dog lovers and ‘normal’ guests can also ensure a happy
resolution at dinner times, whilst specific ‘pet suitable’ rooms can detract from any allergy issues
that could arise.

Get the lead….
A recent survey  from woofadvisor.com found that guests travelling with their pets were more likely
to stay at the property for food and drink and spend 30% more than the standard guest. With this in
mind and the growing demand for pet friendly destinations, it seems crazy not to embrace the four
legged friends when considering your next revenue growth opportunity.

To find out how we can help you embrace a pet friendly culture and maximise your revenue
channels, contact us today.