Does ‘Award Winning’ really convert to revenue?

Does ‘Award Winning’ really convert to revenue?

It’s a long held belief that businesses which can boast ‘award winning’ products or services, genuinely tend to benefit to the tune of increased revenue. The benefits attached to winning awards tends to give any business a boost in its marketing and promotional pushes and more often than not these convert to increased sales.

So with this in mind, can going for recognised industry awards really benefit your business and if so, what are the best awards to be considering?
Put simply – award recognition can be a hugely beneficial asset….as long as you’re prepared to shout about it. You do not even have to win an award to reap the rewards of its association, a nomination is enough to highlight industry prestige and give you a competitive edge with an exciting new marketing angle. Customers are also much more inclined to choose a property which can boast award nominations, with many using this accolade association as a sign of quality and trust.

What awards are worth looking into?

Visit Britain – Awards for Excellence
The UK’s highest tourism accolades, the Visit Britain Awards for Excellence have a unique process of application which requires regional recognition first. Effectively, if your business is based in the south east for example, you would first have to enter and win a Beautiful South Award in order to be eligible to apply for the Visit Britain national awards. This process, whilst difficult can be hugely rewarding with fantastic opportunities to network with likeminded individuals at both regional and national level.

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The Cateys
Whilst The Catey’s have long been the epitome of success in the hospitality industry, their broad market makes them incredibly difficult to ascertain. Focusing your efforts on a specific sector provides a much more likely platform for nomination. For example, hotels can look to apply for a Hotel Catey – its free to enter and with a wide range of categories there is certain to be something which would appeal to your business.

Often referred to as the hospitality industries ‘Oscars’, the Catey’s (whichever sector you go for) are a must for any brand eager to excel their prestige within the industry.

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The AA Hospitality Awards
The AA maybe best known for their hotel rating scheme and Rosettes but the Hospitality Awards are renowned for showcasing the best of the best. Like the Hotel Catey’s, they are free to enter and have a wide range of categories which can really help you pinpoint your best chances of success. Having the AA brand association when nominated really does add credibility and prestige to your brand’s identity. Some of the finest names in hospitality have graced the stage as winners and any association with these awards is sure to boost your brand.

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Whilst these are the main industry awards, there are many regional awards which can greatly aid your business in the local area. Award recognition at any level is a brilliant way to shout about your brand and entice new customers to your door. It is also an invaluable marketing tool when trying to stand out in a competitive market, so regardless of the award or category, incorporating awards as part of your marketing plan is an essential step in promoting your brand.

How can we help?

At WakeUpCall, we have helped clients win a variety of industry awards including wins at The Catey’s, The Hotel Cateys, The AA hospitality Awards and Visit England regional awards. We are expertly placed to help your business apply for awards and get nominated, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today and start reaping the benefits of award recognition.

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