Why ‘Going Green’ is the key to success

You may have already seen various hotels adopting more sustainable practices over the past few years, but many are still guilty of assuming a ‘Re-use Towel’ sign is sufficient to promote their green ethos in an ever-changing hospitality landscape.

The benefits of ‘Going Green’ are increasingly far-reaching, delivering a clear message to hoteliers reluctant to invest in and promote sustainable initiatives. According to a report by Travelocity, 80% of travellers – or customers as we like to call them – are willing to pay extra to visit an eco-friendly destination or business. This percentage has increased steadily year-on-year and provides a clear insight into the changing attitudes of environmentally-conscious travellers, especially Millennials. Diana Verde Nieto, co-founder and CEO of Positive Luxury states: “Millennials are twice as likely to support brands with strong management of environmental and social issues, and expect brands to not only manage their impact but communicate it.”

Sustainable practices in hotels can seem daunting, especially when considering initial financial outlays – but there’s growing evidence of the ROI. Going green is a journey to long-term cost efficiencies and a healthier bottom line when proactively communicated.

5 Key Green Practices you could implement:

Homegrown and locally-sourced produce. A greater emphasis on sourcing locally grown produce has seen Kitchen Gardens take on a far more prominent significance. Promoting the use of local, independent suppliers on menus and social channels is a great way to show your business is not only reducing its food miles but also proactively engaging with, and supporting, other local businesses and communities.

Re-Useable Water. It sounds simple but reducing water wastage and delivery costs can have a huge impact on your overall revenue. Reusable bottles are increasingly commonplace in restaurants and bars and brands such as Vivreau can provide bespoke, branded reusable bottles to ensure a level of luxury is maintained. As for that Kitchen Garden, make sure you water it with rainwater from collection barrels and reduce hose pipe usage.

Turn it off. Promoting awareness of energy usage will quickly lower your bills. Bedroom lights-registering room keys and replacing lightbulbs with low energy LED’s will produce quick returns. External motion-sensor lights in corridors and grounds will also limit energy wastage.

Sustainable transport. Offering electric car charging stations for guest use as well as bikes to hire for exploring the local area are another great way to reduce emissions from vehicles and promote sustainable travel and your sustainability credentials. Providing information on local bus routes or train timetables is also a big tick in the box.

Wildlife support. Taking care of your local wildlife can also give your business a sustainable boost, whether it’s through providing bird feeders and hedgehog homes or going as far as building a ‘Bug Hotel’ (easy to make and a great Garden attraction, especially for your younger guests) in the grounds will help your smallest ‘visitors’ thrive! Not based in a rural area? How about making your own honey! Beehives can be inexpensive, take up minimal space – some urban hotels even use room space – and provide a great source of homemade honey for that extra ‘wow factor’ at the breakfast table. Learn more by reading this great article.

These are just some of the ways you can start building your ‘Green ethos’ and doing so can really boost your public profile, especially if you are successful in one of the growing number of green awards. Accredited recognition as a sustainable property is increasingly essential, with leading review site TripAdvisor’s ‘Green Leaders’ programme helping users identify sustainable options when choosing where to stay, and leading award bodies such as Green Tourism, The Catey’s and the AA Hospitality Awards all providing a great opportunity to maximise your brand’s status through award recognition – a valuable ally for winning over undecided bookers.

To learn more about how we can help your business become ‘sustainable’ and to shout about it to a whole new prospective customer audience, contact us today.

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